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m.u.y.. / 2017 / Brazil.

The fire: the Sun
An intimate and silent lightning of understanding of something.
Back and forth: light and darkness.
The water, the sea: the sky in a liquid state
The beginning is the end of everything
The nighttime arrives as space between stars.
And again the fire: the Sun.

Four elements, a cycle, energy contemplation in an study based on Eadweard Muybridge experiences.



3 screen audiovisual installation + 5.1 sound

Directed by Daniela Guimarães + Llano

Color Grading: Llano / AnonimaColorLab

Sound Design: Light+Life

Sound Engineer: Napoleão Cunha

Espaço Energia Museum
João Pessoa, Brazil, 2017.

Camera: Phantom MIro 310










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