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Our world is that of transcendence,
which in the crossing of the sands and in the body-nature relationship,
is built on the simplicity and sensoriality of perceiving us as we walk.
A journey about us, about interactions, about different levels of understanding.
A revolutionary poetic document of body.
A visual register inspired in Eadweard Muybridge's photographic works.

Bahia - Brazil, 2019


a revolutionary poetic document of body

directors: Daniela Guimarães + Llano
executive producers: Daniela Guimarães / Laurindo Almeida / Llano
production company: Anonimaprod
performer: Daniela Guimarães
cinematography: Llano
sound design: Light + LIfe
music composer: Jorge Campos Astorga
montage - color grading: Llano / AnonimaColorLab
sound mix engineer: Napoleão Cunha



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directed by: Daniela Guimarães & Llano
music: Jorge Campos
release date: 2017



promo credits:
camera: Phantom v642 / DVPRO Engenharia de Televisão - Brazil
lenses: Cooke mini S4i 32 mm / Boris Filmes - Brazil
color grading : anonimaprod

music :Flying Lotus /
album: Los Angeles
track: Auntie's Lock,Infinitum - (feat. Laura Darlington)

























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